Tumi Mogorosi, after having received experience and exposure to the jazz environment, decided to work on his first album entitled, Project Elo. His idea was to en-corporate jazz and choral classical music. The musicians consist of a jazz sextet and 4 chorally-trained voices. The album consists of 7 original songs which are a true expression to Tumi Mogorosi.

The music falls under the jazz category only because the improvisation by the various instruments. The original tunes in the Project Elo album can be described as spiritual and very earthy. The influence from South African music is clear and abundant. The music has a trans-like quality stemming from the very repetitive and simple melodies. Project Elo is truly breathe-taking and different.

Tumi Mogorosi, has performed at various places around South Africa. He also has performed under various bands such as The Freedom in Jazz Movement, Gabi(Vocalist) and Tumi(drummer) duet, The Trip also known as Gabi and the quintet, The Freedom in Jazz Movement and Queentet.
The performance venues are: The African Freedom Station, Corporate gigs for Transnet, Standard Bank Jazz Festival at Nikies Oasis, Nikies Oasis, Wish, The Loft, and The Big Band Orchestra for the Standard Bank Jazz Festival.