One of the country’s most diverse and conceptual musicians cum artists is undoubtedly Tlokwe Sehume. His music is spiritual with a thrust on both indigenous African classical culture and instruments. He says of his music “its music of the day before yesterday for a people of the day after tomorrow”—Mmino wa thaba —Music of the mountains.

A perfectionist by nature , his work reaches out to the top end of any market- a world- music aficionados dream, spiritual and meaty to the very last drum beat.

Composer, arranger , producer , director , poet , vocalist and multi-instrumentalist par excellence, Tlokwe combines his musical skills with the natural talent that is showcased through his playing of a myriad of classical and contemporary instruments , mostly indigenous. Tlokwe is adept at playing dipela (mbira), lekope(jaw-harp), mvet, meropa ya Afrika , percussions, guitar, flute, keyboards ,double bass—all instrumental in bringing his socially aware messages to life, through song.

Sehume also teaches  Arts& Culture students in Gauteng schools to craft indigenous African classical music instruments.

Influences for Tlokwe’s work all stem from the rich land that is Africa – Always an artist/ teacher with a bold approach , Tlokwe is not afraid to address political and social topics through his music  and guiding people more to enlightened opinions. His first two albums spawned hits that reached the very core of mankind—songs with handsome depth and flowing rhythms

A common thread of all these albums is the African spirituality which he is a part of and which he brings to his music and always advocates that most of our people seem to have lost and maybe even why our situation as people of African descent seem to be so elusive and out of our control because we have abandoned our African ancestral lineage for devotion to foreign traditions.

A brief history 

  • Tlokwe grew up in Pretoria and studied Musicology at university
  • He has performed and collaborated with some of the country’s top musicians including Vusi Mahlasela , Pops Mohammed , McCoy Mrubata , Zim Mgqawanaand Hugh Masekela
  • His first album Naga Ya Fsa won the SAMA Award for Best African Jazz Album in 2001 and he received a further  nominations for his second album Ba Utlwile
  • His third album, a collection of live performances is called Mmino wa Thaba
  • His last two albums were recorded in Europe , Konsert in Koln was recorded in Germany, Stadtgarten in Koln and the second was recorded in Oslo, Norway
  • He has toured India , Cameroon , Hungary , Spain, France ,Mali,Germany,Norway,  Italy etc