The band Synesthetic 4 developed out of the Austrian Ensemble, Synesthetic Octet, founded and lead by Vincnet Pongrácz.

In 2016 Peter Rom, the Octet’s guitar player and Pongrácz decided to work on a quartet version of 8 piece band. After a few concerts in Austria and Germany it was clear though that it would not be lastingly satisfying to just adapt the Octet’s music for the smal band, so Pongrácz and Rom started an intensive collaboration out of wich the current program grew and wich allowed them to play at some renowed venues and festivals like the Jazzwerkstatt Bernand the Saalfelden Jazz Festival after just a year of the bands existence.
In the fall of 2018 they started a residency at the Club Rhiz in Viennawith the title Synesthetic Wednesday where the band presents a new program every month with various local and international guests.

The First CD of the Quartet will be released in the fall of 2019.