Sifiso Khanyile was born in Mbali township, Pietermaritzburg. Not unlike most township youngsters, he comes from a highly musical family. He attributes his love of music to many moments spent singing with his mother in her bedroom. It is thus not surprising that he studied music at Durban University of Technology majoring in Voice, Composition, Arranging and Harmony.

In 2009 he started a successful series of concerts called INTIMATE MOMENTZ, which catered not only for a select audience of music lovers, but also created performance opportunities for himself and other fellow musicians, As the name suggests, these are small, intimate, supper-club type musical evenings catering for an exclusive and select audience who want to be serenaded and are prepared to pay for it.

He has an elegant yet edgy style of performance, smooth and distinct. His vast experience supporting other singers has engendered him with an eclectic and versatile manner of delivery, self-assured and confident. He digs deep into his soul and approaches each song with a truth and sincerity that is refreshing.

Sifiso Khanyile’s music reveals a story of the triumph of a human soul. Over the years Sifiso Khanyile has proven that musicians do mature as music evolves.  The 6th edition of Sifiso’s journey through music at the apartheid museum elevated the audience’s state of mind through a series of African traditional and folk sounds with influences drawn from his vast experience and exposure to both life and the music.