The Orbit celebrates International Jazz Day

On the 30th of April, the world will be unified under the umbrella of Jazz, as we celebrate International Jazz Day.

This is an International Day declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2011, “to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe.”

The Orbit is one of the foremost jazz venues in the country. It is recognised for being a venue that has created a platform for creative and improvised music to flourish. As such, we are celebrating this illustrious day with a host of beautiful acts.

Here is what you can expect:-

Africa Plus: Which is comprised of the versatile bassist Prince Bulo, who graduated “cum laude” in Jazz Compositions (amongst other achievements).   Lungelo Ngcobo the pianist and composer who had been chosen in 2012 and 2013 by the University of Virginia (USA) as an exchange student,giving him a wealth of experience musically.  Tshepo Tsotesi ,who is no stranger to the Jazz industry, having been instilled in the art form since the seventh grade. And last, but not least, Riley Giandhari.

Zoe Modiga: The winner of the 2015 Jazz Category for the SAMRO overseas Scholarship Competition, Zoe Modiga has been fortunate enough to be part of celebrated festivals such as: The Joy of Jazz and The Cape Town International Jazz Festival, and we believe her blend of music is the perfect fit for the International Jazz Day.

Nomfundo Xaluva is an extraordinary musician. Her sultry voice and exquisite talent as a pianist is backed up by a Masters’ degree in Jazz Studies (Voice and Dissertation) and her humble, joyful attitude to both life and her art is the foundation which Jazz music was built. We are blessed to have her presence on stage on the 30th of April.

Bantustan Radio: Which is simply a mecca of talent. This band is a very good illustration of how jazz music has connected great minds and great talent.  The band itself is comprised of 11 members in total and is a complete all-star band with members Bokani Dyer, Nhlanhla Radebe, Tumi Mogorosi, Billy Monama, Dave Sendef, Mandla Mlangeni, Nhlanhla Mahlangu, Steve Dyer,  Mc Coy Mrubata, Justin Sassman and Siya Mthembu.

DJ Kenzhero: A revolutionary inspiration as his work illustrates. He combines Hip-hop, Soul, Funk, and Jazz, all which Dj Kenzhero entices a specific crowd fitted with a specific ear. We bring him on to our stage for all the serious listeners with a serious taste for this niche of music.

Our executive Chef Roderick will be providing the most delectable food in Johannesburg, culminating our passion for live music and fine dining to what promises to be mecca of artist expression and joyful celebration.

We are as passionate about people as we are passionate about live music and it is in this breathe we cannot allow anyone to miss this international experience. To enhance our global experience we will be Live Streaming the entire event with our partners JHB Live / Content Bar, allowing others that may not be at liberty to join us, the opportunity to experience the event remotely through the JHB Live / Content Bar Youtube platform.

Doors will be open from 15h30. Tickets for the event are already available and selling incredibly fast; we urge patrons to make sure they pre-book with the venue.

The fee for a pre-booked ticket is R275 and should you prefer to buy your ticket at the door the fee will then be R320.

Our Booking details are as follows

Call: 011 339 6645 or 081 534 2867
Join us for a historic lifetime International experience