Riffs, counterpoints, explosions of sound… OZMA’s post jazz develops itself by drawing a precise art line, researching sensitive potentials and producing evocative energy. Living spaces of freedom, interactions, narrative developments and climates of fun… a whole program for a singular jazz show!

The new album PEACEMAKER celebrates 10 years of existence for OZMA and a new artistic step for the band: a quartet (sax, guitar, bass & drums) that has reach maturity by building links between sonic universes, riots and visual representations. This album (Revelation JAZZMAG 02.2012) is multiplying references: «No Comfort» is for instance a nod to the «Probation» album of Daniel Humair and to Jim Jarmusch’s «Dead Man» movie. «Le Voyage de Siddhârta» echoes Herman Hesse’s novel and OZMA’s visit to the Amber Palace located in Jaipur (India). «Peacemakers» that is ending the (almost) eponymous album is one of the main tracks that illustrates OZMA’s works on Sergeï Eisenstein’s «The Battleship of Potemkin» movie. Through the music of OZMA you will discover a dreamlike and surprising sounds, full of influences: Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, King Crimson, Sonic Youth, Dave Holland, Alas No Axis, Esbjörn Svensson or Mark Turner and Air. OZMA perfectly represents the new panorama of French

Pictures & Live Music

OZMA creates music for a screening of pictures and then performs the arranged and improvised soundtracks live. On Buster Keaton’s Three Ages (movie): Buster
Keaton tries to seduce the girl he loves in a comical fresco through three ages: the Stone Age, Ancient Rome and Modern Times. On Carl Dreyer Vampyr (movie): Courtempierre, a small town plunged into a dark night … A young man with febrile imagination is fascinated by stories of ghosts. Suddenly he is awakened by strange noises… On Contemporary photographs: in partnership with The Association LA CHAMBRE, a gallery specializing in photography, which organizes Archifoto – international Awards of Architectural Photography.

Artistic Encounters
Through each new project, the musicians of OZMA challenge their own musical frontiers and develop whole new repertoires. They really like to share projects with other artists, overseas, from another art, with students…

Creating new music with local musicans
2008 With musicians of Zimbawe in Burkina Fasso and Mali
2009 With Nepali and Indian Musicians
2012 With Indian Musicians (album creation in India, concerts in France)

Workshops and masterclass
The management of the whole sound, the special use of instruments, the arrangements … All these issues and many other can be presented to an audience of musicians or non-musicians, young or old (lots of experiences of workshops in France, Poland, Sweden, Belarus. Nepal…)

2012 New one : Peacemaker by OZMA 4tet !
2009 «Strange Traffic» (Label Juste une Trace, a part of AMOC)
2007 «Electric Taxi Land» (Label Juste une Trace, a part of AMOC)
2005 «OZMA

2011 Live music on the movie Three Ages
2010 Live music on a photo exhibition with the association «La Chambre»
2010 Large ensemble OZMA ORKESTRA at the Festival Jazzdor
2008 OZMAFRICA with the band Zimawe in Burkina Faso

Concerts references
Festival de Radio France de Montpelier, Jazz Club d’Auxerre,
Sceaux What, Vilnius City Jazz Festival, Congress Hall Riga, Minsk
Philharmonic, Jazzdor Festival , Club Bix Stuttgart, Festival Jazz
Krefeld, Montreal Cinema House.

2012 Tour India
2010 Atlantic Tour : Canada
2009 Strange Traffic Tour : Italy, U-K, France, Belgium, Germany…
2008 Ozmafrica : Burkina Faso
2007 Europe Tour : Latvia, Tchec Republic, Norway…

2011 Selection Jazzahead Internationnal Jazz Meeting Bremen
2009 Selection Jazzmigration (Afijma, FSJ)
2007 Selection Jazz Primeur Culture France (French Cultural Export)