Marcus Wyatt is a trumpet player/composer from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape has been playing his horn since 1983. He is part of a new generation of South African musicians – respectful of the past, yet moving forward without fear of twisting boundaries.

This South African musician has performed around the globe, and worked with an impressive array of musicians, from Manu Dibango, Abdullah Ibrahim and Miriam Makeba to Maria Schneider, John Faddis, Bheki Mseleku, Lionel Loueke and Steve Turre. Wyatt is an 10-time SAMA nominee, and has appeared on festivals and in venues in South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Holland, Italy, Sweden, CzechRepublic, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Malaysia, Taiwan, Bolivia and India. He has recently returned from touring in Australia and Belgium, and has just released his seventh solo album “One Night in the Sun” , a live recording of a big band concert at M1 Studio , SABC (Johannesburg). Marcus also leads ‘The Blue Notes Tribute Orkestra’ , which pays homage to the music of legendary South African Jazz group The Blue Notes . He has also recently started the amazing 12 piece Afrobalkan ensemble ‘Bombshelter Beast’ – watch this space!

“Marcus is able to entertain a very fruitful conversation between a clearly South African jazz tradition, and a more international resonance, displaying his musical know-how at times in the image of Freddie Hubbard with a nod here and there to the Jazz legend Miles Davis himself. Over the years he has developed a reputation of being one of the most versatile and in demand trumpet players in South Africa. Not only is he one of the hardest working musicians, but is also an obvious and rarely gifted trumpet player. He is equally at home in any number of settings from small ensembles, trios and big bands to drum n bass, hip hop, R&B and house and round the corner to free improvisation. This combined with a warm, wide sound, has earned him the respect of both his fellow musicians and critics alike.”

Academic qualification : Bmus (UCT)

Performed / recorded with (shortened):

Miriam Makeba , Abdullah Ibrahim , Bheki Mseleku , Manu Dibango , Maria Schneider , Lionel Loueke , John Faddis , Stockholm Jazz Orchestra , Steve Turre’ , Sibongile Khumalo , Winston Mankunku , Vusi Mahlasela , Robbie Jansen , Andile Yenana , Carlo Mombelli and many more …
Local South African Festivals performed :
North Sea Jazz Festival (Cape Town),Grahamstown Festival,Joy of Jazz (JHB),Arts Alive (JHB),Cape Town International Jazz Festival,Awesome Africa (DBN),Macufe (OFS),Oppikoppi (RSA) , Edge of Wrong Festival(Cape Town), KKNK Festival(Oudtshoorn),

International Festivals / tours :

North Sea Jazz Festival (The Hague – Netherlands),Villa Celimontana (Rome – Italy),Sockholm Jazz Festival (Stockholm – Sweden),Festival Mundial (Netherlands),La Rochelle & Paris (France), Paris Jazz Festival,Rio Loco Festival, Banlieues Bleues, festival d’lle de france (France)Kuala Lampur (Malaysia), Kaoshung (Taiwan), Leipzig Jazzstage, Moers Festival, Berlin Jazz Festival (Germany), Austria (Vienna), Luanda International Jazz Festival (Angola), India (Bangalore,Panjim,Mumbai & Delhi) as well as festivals in Belgium,Lesotho,Swaziland,Seychelles,Bolivia and Mozambique.

Marcus Wyatt-Discography

Marcus as Bandleader, Group Project, or Producer:
Marcus Wyatt – Gathering Sheer – Sound 2000 SSCD057 Africans in Space – Sheer Sound 2002 SSCD081 Language 12 – Language 12 2006 ZAR – Language 12 2011 One Life in the Sun – Language 12 2013 Maji Maji in the Land of Milk & Honey – Language 12 2014 One Night in the Sun ( feat. ZAR Jazz Orchestra) – Language 12 2015 Marcus Wyatt & Language 12 , Live @ House of Nsako Language 12 2009 ( DVD )
Voice – Quintet Legacy vol 1 Sheer Sound 2001 SSCD063 Quintet Legacy vol 2-Songs for our Grandchidren Sheer Sound 2003 SSCD095 Heavy Spirits – Momentum Sheer Sound 2001 SSCD064

As Soloist or sideman:

Winston Mankunku Ingozi Siyamameza , Nkomo Records 1995 Blues Broers Been Around , Guava Records 1996 GR004CD The Truly Fully Hey Shoo Wow Band The Truly Fully Hey Shoo Wow Band , Lions Head Records 1996 LHR003/96 Dave Ledbetter Scorpio Rising , Lions Head Records 1997 Vusi Mahlasela Silang Mabele , BMG 1997 CDBSP(wf)7014 Jimmy Dludlu Echoes From The Past , Universal Music 1997 Essence of Rhythm , Universal Music 1999 CDSRBL268 Corners of My Soul , Universal Music 2005 Nine Entropy , Nebula Bos Records 1998 NNCD002 Steve Dyer Down South in Africa , Sheer Sound 2000 SLCD 003 Confluence , Sheer Sound 2014 Musa Manzini New Reflections , BMG Records 2000 CDSTEP(WL)101 Paul Hanmer Playola , Sheer Sound 2000 SSCD056 Naivasha , Sheer Sound 2002 SSCD082 Water + Lights , Sheer Sound 2004 SSCD103 Accused no.1/Nelson Mandela , Sheer Sound 2006 SSCD125 Sibongile Khumalo Immortal Secrets , Sony Music Entertainment 2000 CDCOL8142 f Gito Baloi Herbs & Roots , Sheer Sound 2001 SSCD077 Ernie Smith Child of the Light , Sheer Sound 2001 SSCD065 Lovely things , Sheer Sound 2003 SSCD087 Hotep Idris Galeta Malay Tone Poem , Sheer sound 2002 SSCD083 Prince Kupi Loxion Sheer Sound 2002 SSCD089 Alou April Bringing Joy , Sheer Sound 2002 SSCD085 Colourful world , Sheer Sound 2005 SSCD124 McCoy Mrubata Face The Music , Sheer Sound 2002 SSCD090

Carlo Mombelli When Serious Babies Dance , Instinct Africaine 2002 INS004 I Stared into my Head , Instinct Africaine 2006 Theory , Instinct Africaine 2010 Zim Ngqawana Vadzimu , Sheer sound 2003 SSCD096 Andrew Lilley Rejoicing , Copyright A.Lilley 2003 Rus Nerwich As Above So Below , Copyright R.Nerwich 2003 Musik Ye Afrika United we Stand , Sheer Sound 2003 SSCD099 Tumi and The Volume Live at the Bassline , ReadyRolled Records 2003 RRRCD005 MXO Peace of Mind , Sony Music\Mlok Records 2004 CDEPC8296 Kunle Sincerely Yours , Bula Music 2004 Tlale Makhene The Ascension of the Enlightened , Gallo Jazz 2004 CDGURB060 on Judith Sephuma New Beginnings , BMG Records 2005 Miriam Makeba Makeba Forever , Gallo Records 2006 Moreira Chonguica The Moreira Project/The Journey , Morestar Entertainment 2006 Schalk Joubert Kayamandi , Mountain Records/EMI 2006 Melissa van der Spuy The Menu of Love , Mom Entertainment 2006 Melanie Scholtz Zillion Miles , Bowline Dist 2006 E-QUAD No Smoke , E-quad 2007 Bokani Dyer Emancipate the Story 2012 Herbie Tsoaeli African Time , Sheer Sound 2012 Thandi Ntuli The Offering 2014 Benjamin Jephta Homecoming 2015 Dave Cousins Flight of Fancy 2015

Press quotes:

“Marcus Wyatt is a shining star in the sky of contemporary South African Jazz. Aware of the important legacy upon which he adds his fresh melodies, he nonetheless strives towards the definition of a novel sound, one which is consciously abandoning characteristically South African patterns, opening up for creativity beyond the accepted norms. His sound is subtle yet steamy, and the freshness and honesty of his lyrical approach is one of the reasons why this country can boast about a certain vitality in their jazz scene.”
Henri M Yere – North Sea Jazz Festival (Cape Town)

“Represent recommends “MARCUS WYATT” because we rate him as one of our BEST musicians in the country, his music is INCREDIBLE and we LOVE what he does. The musicians he will be performing with at the launch are all equally as MAESTRO! Don’t miss this JAZZ peeps.”
“The club hosts a rare appearance by trumpeter Marcus Wyatt’s iconoclastic jazz group, Language 12. There’s a sense in which its appearances are always protest concerts: protests against the complacency, predictability and blandness of much of the country’s alleged jazz. Yet although Language 12 sometimes ask their audiences to travel with them down some chancy roads, and contemplate some steep precipices, neither musicality nor enjoyment are ever sacrificed.This is genuinely exciting music: fresh riffs on ideas rooted deep in both world and South African jazz traditions.”

Gwen Ansell – Business Day
“You immediately realise where Wyatt is speaking from: the heart, the head and yes, the ‘hip’.”
“Moving with liquid ease between trip hop, R&B, standard jazz, bossa nova and Brazilian-enriched Latin hybrids, South African-born trumpet emissary, Marcus Wyatt, guides the way with his remarkably adaptable style and tone that can be as agile and fine as a flute and robust as a tuba. The fact that he appears equally at home within standard and contemporary styles, always having an artistic statement to offer, always breathing life into whatever form he enters, has earned Wyatt an enviable reputation among audiences and critics”

“What I know about jazz is dangerous, but I can recognise sheer technical and passionate virtuosity when I see it, and there was plenty of that on stage last night. I wouldn’t even actually call what Marcus has recorded here Jazz really… it’s a kind of mesmeric, live world music, but even that is casting long shadows that I don’t like. It’s mystical, moving, highly technical but deeply passionate music that moves through jazz, blues, afro pop and more.Displaying the kind of at-home, comfortable stage presence that’s a clear result of his international work and the sheer volume of his workload, Marcus was a funny, if not voluble front man. Content to let his music speak for itself, that is precisely what he did. Absolutely amazing.”