Lu was born on the Kwa Zulu south coast into one of KZN’s musical families. On top of such a strong foundation grew exceptional compositional skills. This, together with influences by the likes of Miriam Makeba, Letta Mbulu and Busi Mhlongo is the vehicle to showcase her voice.

Recent standout performances include the Launch of her recently released CD Ulimilam at the Playhouse’s Drama Theater in Durban and the Zakifo Festival.

Originality is a rare quality. It is also a gift. Lu reveals her phenomenal talent through Ulimilam, a collection of songs that celebrate the capacity of the creative individual to personalise a signature art form and make it deeply appealing. Lu’s voice has depth and range on the physical level; but it is the vehicle for soulful, intelligent and emotional comment in every note.

Her performances are gifts to those who can hear beyond the melodies and techniques, to the place where she cradles the soul of a nation within the context of humanity itself.

Her strong sense of community has helped Lu forge “Art Knows No Boundaries”. She believes in the healing power of Art. Through her AKNB schools project that takes live music to schools she also introduces children to the Umakhweyana, an African one stringed bow.