I always aim in my music and in my writing to reflect on the absolute dilemma of being a human being; to comment on life in all of it’s contradictions and absurdities and just how interesting, frustrating and heartbreaking it is to merely be alive sometimes. In whatever it is I do or say however, in song or in action, my ultimate goal has always and will always be to connect; to use my voice and words to tell stories and above all, to be secure in the knowledge that I am being heard and understood.

I consider myself a person from nowhere and everywhere at the same time, what with my childhood of moving from place to place never leaving in me a feeling of truly belonging to one place but I believe my adolescent years growing up in Cairo to have been very impactful in informing my perspective in the way that I relate to myself and the world surrounding.

Those years; my coming of age and those experiences really stuck with me and have certainly made themselves present in my music, much as they have in my life. I will say though that nothing quite compares to my foundation as a Zimbabwean born southern African. There is something so affirming in my roots and and my heritage; to know that my Karanga-Xhosa cultures are so unshakably set in my foundations, musically or otherwise.

My absolute adoration of Oliver Mtukudzi’s arrangements and storytelling abilities, the gutsy fearlessness with which Thandiswa Mazwai performs and the brave poetic cadences of Miriam Makeba always remind and inspire me to remain truthful to those foundations in every note and phrase.