Standing in the stillness of the night, We gather, Ourselves, each other & you.
The spirit is ready for its call, With our weapons in hand, we took away the fear, & carve a path through the darkness.
We stand together in this moment, You, I & us, Beacons of the light.
We are kinsmen.

We, three, ordinary folk, from the outskirts of Pretoria, straddle time between day jobs for bread and butter & an ancient music that found its long way back into our lives. We use what we understand of it, and tell stories. Becoming through moments of silence, the magic is in the unknowing, and if you really, really listen, as we try to do, we’ll find more together.

Public appearances:
21.06.2015, Sunnyside, Pretoria, Fete De La Musique
02.08.2015, Centurion, Pretoria, The Departure
28.11.2015, Freedom Park, Pretoria Market @ The Sheds
02.10.2016, Sofar Sounds, Johannesburg 30 min set
20.08.2017 (scheduled), UNISA Music Foundation Concert Series 2017, Pretoria feature concert