Karo Jazz Band (KJB) is one of the outstanding jazz bands today in Africa, which was founded in 2004 by guitar player Karo Ndoite.

Few years after its creation, the KJB received two big supports from The Cultural Center of Belgium and the American Cultural Center, both based in Kinshasa, DR Congo.

Karo Jazz Band tends to play jazz in a different approach, meaning by mixing traditional Congolese rhythms with contemporary jazz harmonies, with a good dose of innovative spirit.

Karo Jazz Band has being appearing in a large number of performances and festivals, either domestic or international. Some of the major performances are: Jazz Kiff festival (annual jazz festival in DR Congo), Brazza Jazz Fusion festival ( Congo Brazzaville ) , Festival Mankunku ( South Africa ) , Feast of clown festival ( South Africa ) , Festival Yambi ( Belgium ) to name a few.

Band composition:
Karo Ndoite – lead guitar
JC Mpoy – electric bass
Benj Ngandu – piano
Godswill Oputah – drums