Francesca Biancoli is a Jazz singer and songwriter from Bari, Italy. !

“She has a voice,talent and temperament in good and plentiful doses” (Prize Nuoro Jazz 2012, Italy)!

Francesca Biancoli started singing and playing guitar at an early age, performing in many shows, musicals and concerts. In 2009 she moved to Bologna to attend the G.B.Martini conservatory to further her musical development. In 2013 she graduated with a Masters (Cum Laude) in Jazz Vocals. She has won many Jazz Vocal competitions in Italy and in 2013 won the Arcevia Jazz Prize which brought her to Cape Town, South Africa where she now lives and continues her music career. She has performed at many Festivals and venues in Italy and Europe and continues to perform in various ensembles on a regular basis. She has many influences ranging from Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaugan to Amy Winehouse and Björk. She leads her own quartet performing her own music as well as the music of her favourite composers. Her goal when performing is to always be honest, emotive, challenging and communicative with her audience and the people she is performing with.