As a young musician in the 1960’s, Rachabane performed in numerous bands with drummer Early Mabuza.

He has remained incredibly active , with a solo career, and regular session work, for example with Abdullah Ibrahim. Rachabane also recorded for the Info Song, participated in the Gracelands project, and subsequently did regular work with Paul Simon. He was featured in the Buwa musical, and has toured with Hugh Masekela and also Caiphus Semenya. He performs frequently with trumpeter Bruce Cassidy.

Barney Rachabane comes from Alexander Township. Initially picked up on by Hugh Masekela, Rachabane was an early collaborator on Masekela’s adventurous Technobush projects. The arrangements for this session are open, bright clusters of sinous clarity. Rashid Lanie’s synthesizer and piano figures form the basic canvas, lush but deceptively brittle shadings upon which Rachabane’s assertively playful alto runs weave elegant geomatric patterns around some very tight playing.