Sonik Citizen & The Lights – Live at The Orbit! (Contemporary SA Jazz)

Friday&Saturday 14&15 April 2017 – 20 h 30 – R 150

(Photo “Kesivan & The Lights – April 14&15 – Front”)

“I think everybody’s looking for beauty,” says Kesivan Naidoo of his latest critically-acclaimed album, Brotherhood. “Life is art. If you’re an artist, you’re an artist twenty four hours a day. And if you’re always in the present you can find the beauty there.”

In Shane Cooper (bass), Kyle Shepherd (piano), Reza Khota (guitar) and Justin Bellairs (saxophones) he’s finally found a band of brothers dedicated to developing this new sound.

“The direction of this record is completely different from my first album,” says Kesivan. “It’s not so much a reflection on the tradition of jazz from an American perspective – which all of us in the band are technically schooled in and that’s how we’ve come into this music – but focuses more seriously on how the Indian and the African tradition influence my music. In Indian classical music they think about music as a whole, you know? There’s no difference between harmony, melody, rhythm and dance.”

It’s this holistic approach to composition that fuels the band’s live repertoire. Expect to journey deep into the (he)art of jazz improvisation, with Afrobeaten polyrhythms swapping spit and spirit with ancient Indian classical modalities and hard-bop grooves.

“The music evolves every time you play it,” says Kesivan. “My message is this is the starting point, and I’m definitely taking it further.” As Naidoo concludes, “Jazz music is meant for everybody, if you’re open to it, you can receive it.”

Kesivan Naidoo – drums
Kyle Shepherd – piano
Shane Cooper – bass
Reza Khota – guitar
Justin Bellairs – alto sax

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