NOTICE: The Orbit is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5:30 pm to 1:30 am. Generally performances start at 8 or 8.30pm from Tuesday to Saturday at 6pm & on Sundays (unless indicated otherwise)

Bombshelter Beast
Live at The Orbit!
(Afrobalkan Skadubhall)

Tuesday 2nd of February 2016 – 20 h 00 – R 120

Bombshelter Beast is a thing to behold. Pitch Black Afro and his extended family! The Beast out of the holidaze ventures, and this Will Be the first Witnessing of 2016 …. Afro Skadubhall Balkan music is the way forward // oh & s special feature this month! Print the post !!!, nasty and enjoy a game of « ‘n Fros Banjos » – based on the legendary « snakes n ladders » (Brauteseth nice one!).

This group of renegades is wanted by Interpol STILL’s Jazz Police Division in several countries, purpose-have managed to evade incarceration Thus Far. They struggle to describe Their sound, though detectives When cornered by kind-have unanimously selected « other ». Most Likely You Will Hear Some unfamiliar sounds and Some less so – but You Will find it strangely pleasing and May you wish to move around a bit. The band Was overjoyed to be reunited with long lost cousin and notorious rhyme juggler, Pitch Black Afro. Here you witness Reviews another family reunion! Afrobalkan Skadubhall icts pioneering music at best.

Band line-up:

Pitch Black Afro – voice
Pule – voice
Siya Makuzeni – voice / trombone
Alex Hitzeroth – sousaphone
Romy Brauteseth – bass
Sisonke Xonti – sax / clarinet / flute
Janus VD Merwe – sax / bass clarinet
Marcus Wyatt – trumpet / vuvuzela
Bez Roberts – trombone / vuvuzela
Speedy Kobak – piano accordion / trombone
Aldirt Du Toit – guitars
Justin Badenhorst – drums

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Ameshi Ikechi Electric Band
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SA Jazz)

Wednesday 3rd of January 2016 – 20 h 00 – R 100

‘This child Will Surely do the magic dance’ Was granny Helen’s remark as she Observed Amaeshi play with His peers at the age of 8 and Exhibiting so much natural artistry.

Amaeshi Ikechi is a Nigerian born bassist and artist, born to a family of four children in the bustling African city of Lagos. Having a hand-been of various school and church band from the early age of 5 as a percussionist, he fell in love with the bass guitar at the age of 13 and started the long journey of life learning the instrument.

In 18 years of bass playing, items Can Be Said of this young man`s musical journey. Every performance baring testimony To Where he comes from, Where he has-been and how far he yearns to go with the messages of love, hope, unity and peace. He Has, to date, Performed On Most if not all of The Most prestigious music internships in Africa, and HAS aussi Recorded and Performed with Many African Greats like Steve Dyer, Selaelo Selota, Zonke Dikana, Afrika Mkhize, Andile Yenana, Khaya Mahlangu, Marcus Wyatt, Thandi Nthuli, just to name a Few. Have Each Day passes, we see life in shades Many different. Amaeshi is now seeing through the shades of the Amaeshi Ikechi Electric Band, qui first cam together in September 2015. Performing mostly original compositions, the sole aim is to deliver a sound as distinct and varied as the musical background of Each individual member of the ensemble . Its Jazz, African and Its Amaeshi it’s the Ikechi Electric Ban.

Band Line up:

Peter Auret – Drums
Mihi Matshingana – Vocals
Darlington Okofu – Acoustic Piano
Ezra Erasmus – Keyboards and Synth
Amaeshi Ikechi – Electric and Acoustic Bass

FUNK’T UP The Orbit Funk Band
Live at The Orbit!
(Classic FUNK

Thursday 4th of February 2016 – 20 h 00 – R 120

FUNK’T UP will be taking us back to the days of funk music with a mixture of acrobat music. The band is one of the music project bandleader Riaan Van Rensburg who will be FUNK’T UP’s MC and he’ll also be on drums. Accompanying him are: Jason Green (Bass), Cameron Bruce (Guitar), John Fresk (Keys), David Sendef (Trumpet), Bez Roberts (Trombone), Janus Van Der Merwe (Saxophone).

The band performs a range of music, including covers or re-arranged renditions of known songs. Come hear some of your favourite songs FUNK’T UP! The band also has a special guest on vocals (Hannah Foster) that you don’t want to miss.

DJ RUSHMO will be funking it up before and after the gig.

Funk’t Up – Band composition:

John Fresk – piano, keys
Jason Green – electric bass
Riaan Van Rensburg – drums
Cameron Bruce – guitar
Bez Roberts – trombone
Janus Van Der Merwe – Saxophone
David Sender – trumpet
Hannah Foster – vocals

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Nduduzo Makhathini’s Icilongo (The African Peace Suite)
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SA Jazz)

Friday 5th of February 2016 – 20 h 45 – R 120

Icilongo (The African Peace Suite)

Icilongo translates to ‘the horns’ sometimes ‘the trumpets’ often referred to in the bible as an indication of a change, historic or an epic event that was about to take place. But also where I grew up it could simply refer to a “hymn book”. Back when I was a kid at church, we always sung songs from the hymn book called ‘Icilongo Levangeli’, and since not every family could afford to own a copy, when it was time to sing a song from this particular book, people would form groups sharing the 10 or so copies we had among the whole congregation. Then we would start singing, the sound of the voices would be magical, you could feel a strong sense of unity, the power of coming together.

This picture has been in my heart for a long time, and in times like these in Africa (in the whole world), there is a need to come together and sing once more, sing that same song, a song that brings us together, a song that makes us one.

This is what has given me the inspiration to call this group of creatives to sing this 7 movement piece I have written called Icilongo ‘The African Peace Suite’ to bring the world together, with the hope that this will assist to harmonise the spirit of the human race

Nduduzo Makhathini – Piano
Sakhile Moleshe – Vocals
Shabaka Hutchings – Tenor sax
Justin Bellairs – Alto sax
Ayanda Sikade – Drums
Benjamin Jephta – Bass

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Andile Yenana Quartet
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SA Jazz

Saturday 6th of February 2016 – 20 h 30 – R 150

Andile Yenana is a well-travelled award winning jazz pianist, composer & producer born in King Williams ́s Town (Eastern Cape) who has played with Zim Ngqawana, Steve Dyer and various other local & international jazz artists. He performed to packed audiences at the annual Cape Town Jazz Festival in 2003. He was also part of Abdullah Ibrahim’s Mbombela orchestra. The last international performance Andile had was with the legendry Zim Ngqawana in 2006 when they performed a duet in Paris, France at the Cite de la Musique (La Villette). For more than 10 yrs Andile Yenana was a member of one of SA ́s iconic Jazz Band called Voice Jazz Quintet with Marcus Wyatt, Sidney Mnisi, Herbie Tsoaeli & Morabo Morajele. Together they recorded 2 albums that should belong in any SA Jazz fan CD library. Yenta also recorded 2 albums under his own name (We Used to Dance – 2002, and Who ́s Got the Map in 2005).

Band Line up:

Andile Yenana – Piano
Sydney Mnisi – Tenor saxophone
Tumi Mogorosi – Drums
Ariel Zamonsky – Bass