NOTICE: The Orbit is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 17 h 00 to 02:00 – The performances will start from September 1st at 20 h 00 on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – at 20 h 30 on Friday/Saturday and 18 h 00 on Sunday

Herbie Tsoaeli´s
Afrikan Time Big Bend
Live at The Orbit! (SA Contemporary Jazz)

Tuesday 29th of September 2015 – 20 h 00 – R 120


Herbie Tsoaeli believes that before you read or write music, one has to play it first, by listening to sounds of ones choice, as it happened in his case and that of others. Sometimes it is not by choice that you don´t study music to the fullest. Different circumstances force one to learn this art in different formats. Take for instance Bra Johnny Dyani, Bra Winston Mankunku to name a few who also learned by listening to others (even Bheki Mseleku did that). Afrikan Time is about spotting that unseen talent and nurture it as it is not commonly seen.
The above-mentioned legends inspired younger generations of musicians in a big way and their legacy will be there for generations to come. Studying music these days plays a very important part in the entire universe for communication and otherwise. Herbie Tsoaeli strongly encourages that aspiring young musicians learn and know this craft as much as they can. This is the Concept behind Afrikan Time Big Band here.
Herbie Tsoaeli would like to focus mainly on compositions expanding on Afrikan big band sounds that he heard during his teens time and that are still present in his sub-conscient until today. For this project, he wants to develop that from his original compositions and also re arrange South African standards in his own way.

This concert is presented in partnership with Concerts SA.

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Estelle Kokot Feat. Herbie Tsoaeli, Kevin Gibson and Sisonke Xonti
Live at The Orbit! (SA/UK Contemporary Jazz)

Wednesday 30th of September 2015 – 20 h 00 – R 150


London based South African singer/songwriter/pianist, Estelle Kokot will be returning to The Orbit Jazz Club on Wednesday the 30th of September 2015 to perform songs from her brand new release The Sound of You.
Estelle, Herbie and Kevin performed at The Orbit for the first time in March 2014. Estelle returned the following month and played to a sell out crowd over Easter weekend with Prince Lengoasa on trumpet and returned to the club for two more dates in October and November 2014.
Fresh from The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival 2015, here is a chance to hear Estelle up close and personal, now on her 5th Orbit performance. She will be joined by The Sound of You band, featuring Herbie Tsoaeli on double bass, Kevin Gibson on drums and special guest Sisonke Xonti on saxophones.
Tonight you will hear Estelle previewing new material, choice standards re-arranged and re-interpreted, as well as material from her current CD, featuring tracks like Bonita and Sugar Rush amongst others.
« South Africa, here is a real jazz singer. Kokot is a cult artist… when you’re sick and tired of the melisma kids, or the so called jazz singers who think its hip to scat, when they actually can’t, go and hear Ms Kokot. She loves the audience and they love her back.” Don Albert, South Africa
« Standards and originals perfectly compatible side by side, Kokot is an excellent arranger of her own and other peoples’ material » John Fordham, The Guardian, London
“Such narratives demand thoughtful phrasing and perfect diction as well as a melodious voice. On all counts Kokot delivers. Her voice carries flavours of smoke and honey, evocative of the clubs such as the old Kippie’s and Rumours in Johannesburg where she first honed her style. At times, though, both voice and pianism can move upbeat and swing hard when the song demands it. She has produced the kind of album that merits careful listening, and could become addictive.” Gwen Ansell Business Day – February 2015

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Saudiq Khan´s
Tribute to Paco de Lucia
Live at The Orbit! (Flamenco)
With Robert Davids and Andre Webb

Tursday and Friday 1st and 2nd of October 2015 – 20 h 30 – R 120


This concert will be a journey infused with some of the magical and brilliant mind of Maestro Paco De Lucia spanning over 40 years. It will consist of a few classical flamenco pieces well loved and connected to guitarist around the world. We can never do justice to what this great man has brought about over the years, but we can keep it alive as his spirit will forever dwell in Saudiq´s compositions.
Saudiq will be playing some traditional and Cante Jondo (Deep Hearted) rhythms of Paco and himself where the audience will recognize where the similarities of their work are at. He has had the pleasure to meet with Maestro Paco in London in 1999.
The cajon player performing with Saudiq, Robert Davids, is also a former flamenco dancer from the La Rosa Dance Theatre. He has performed on many concerts throughout South Africa and on many International Acts and recorded on both Saudiq´s albums. A performer truly of note in the flamenco genre.
Andre Webb his bass player, keeps the bottom end up very steadily as playing with no rhythm guitarist in this concert is not easy and the music must be filled at all times. Andre is currently one of the best and busiest bassists around with a unique sound.

Saudiq Khan – guitar
Robert Davids – cajon
Andre Webb – bass

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African Dreamtime
Live at The Orbit!
Feat. Pops Mohamed and Steve Newman (African Traditional/Jazz sounds)

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th of October 2015 – 20 h 30 & 18h00 – R 120


AFRICAN DREAMTIME is a concept which multi-instrumentalist Pops Mohamed started 2 years ago. His whole idea was to bring top musicians with different genre’s and musical backgrounds together to help him produce an original fresh sound which would be accepted anywhere in the world.
Phase one of this concept is called The Millennium Experience, featuring Femi Koya on all saxophones and flute. This duo group travelled far and wide around South Africa building a steady audience. A year ago the group expended by inviting Ashish Joshi on tabla and Poorvi Bhana on sitar. The Millennium Experience did their debut performance at The Orbit where fans were blown away by this outfit. The rest is history and their music is enjoyed everywhere they perform.
AFRICAN DREAMTIME is a concept which multi-instrumentalist Pops Mohamed started 2 years ago. His whole idea was to bring top musicians with different genres and musical backgrounds together to help him produce an original fresh sound which would be accepted anywhere in the world.
Phase two saw Pops Mohamed jamming with internationally acclaimed guitarist Steve Newman, well known bass guitarist Lucas Senyatso, South Africa’s favourite master percussionist Tlale Makhene, world music percussionist Mabi Thobejane (former Malombo and Sakhile member) and last but not least, Femi Koya. Pops Mohamed realised that his dream has finally come true and thus the name AFRICAN DREAMTIME.
Pops is planning a tour around the country with this concept and hopefully strike a deal abroad. A CD release for 2015 is also in the pipeline

Pops Mohamed – traditional African instruments
Steve Newman – guitar
Lucas Senyatso – electric bass
Tlale Makhene – percussions
Femi Koya – saxophones
Mabi Thobejane – percussions

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