Science & Cocktails with Jazz
Live at The Orbit
(Scientific presentation followed by SA Jazz)

Tuesday 26th September 2017 – 20 h 00 – R 20


From Avian Influenza to West Nile and Zika virus, emerging viruses have been responsible for major outbreaks internationally over the past decade. The majority of emerging viruses originated in animals and can be transmitted either directly to humans or through mosquito or other biting insect vectors. To combat these viruses, which pose a serious threat to human and animal health, one needs to adopt an integrated program referred to as a One Health approach: one that takes into consideration human and animal health as well as environmental factors. Because of the risk of transmission and outbreaks in humans and animals, these viruses can only be handled in high security or specialized containment laboratories.

In tonight’s session of Science & Cocktails, Marietjie Venter will describe the work that she and her team in the Emerging Vector and Respiratory Virus Program, within the Centre for Viral Zoonoses at the University of Pretoria, is involved in, in terms of research and surveillance on respiratory and mosquito-transmitted viruses that can cause severe neurological and respiratory disease in humans and animals.

We will find out about the surveillance network established by the team, which includes virologists, veterinarians, doctors and ecologists, to trace emerging and zoonotic viruses in South Africa and use state of the art technology to discover new viruses and determine their risk and pathogenesis to humans and animals internationally. Marietjie Venter will explain how her team has already described viruses such as West Nile virus, Middelburgvirus and Shunivirus in humans and animals in the country. Finally, she will describe the diagnostic, surveillance and control strategies that she and her colleagues have developed in order to respond to future outbreaks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Afterwards, antiviral dry ice cocktails will boost our immune systems and transmit good vibes while Uncuthu The Firm take the stage with an a capella Umguyo performance.

Ntsindiso Noqhamza – vocals
Senzosakhe Yalezo – vocals
Lulama Sokoni – vocals
Sinovuyo Yalezo – vocals

Les Fantastiques
Live at The Orbit!
(Congolese Rhumba)

Wednesday 27th September 2017 – 20 h 00 – R 130

Les Fanastique was formed in Johannesburg when guitarist Ntseka, Bienvenu, and Cacharel the vocalist met and decided to put the Congolese band.

They perform a fusion of Congolese and Latino sounds in not only French but Lingala, English, KiSwahili, and Spanish as well.

Since its formation, the band has grown, released two albums, and performed across South Africa and the continent such as Mozambique, Lesotho, Angola, Zambia, and Namibia.

Pys Tayele – keyboards
Cacharel Pindi – vocals
Patty – bass guitar
Munseke – rhythm guitar
Nseka Bienvenu – guitar & vocals

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Swazi Gold
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SWA Jazz)

Thursday 28th September 2017 – 20 h 30 – R 140

Swazi Gold brings back both Tlale Makhene’s childhood and upbringing it Swaziland.

This project is a dedication to the music, the people and kingdom of Swaziland as well as the Kings and Queens of Swaziland, from Ingwenyama Mswati III and Umhlekazi Indlovukati to the beginning of Amambo.

Through Swazi Gold, Tlale honurs Mvelincanti, ancestors and Orishas for the gift given to him to heal the world with ingoma – song, dance, herbs, and divinity.

Tlale Makhene – percussion & vocals
Sabu Satsha – drums
Nathi Shongwe – keyboards
Vuyo Manyike – bass
Dan Selsick – trombone & evi
Waldo Akexander – violin

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Dumza Maswana: Remembering Victor Ntoni
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SA Jazz)

Friday 29th September 2017 – 20 h 30 – R 150

“In Bro Vic’s voice I found my voice. I needed to hear him to have confidence in my voice. He’s that voice that said “you can do it”.

In 2015 I was invited by Mrs Linda Ntoni to be part of a 30 piece orchestra that toured SA with a show titled Tribute To Victor Ntoni. From that show I realised how big he was. I was only able to capture one element of Bro Vic – the voice – I learned learned more about him, and it pained me that such treasure was only known to jazz circles.

I vowed that he will never be forgotten as long as I’m still alive. Young people must learn of him. They must know. The man wrote for many artists, arranged and composed a lot of songs he never got to hear himself.” – Dumza Maswana

Dumza Maswana – vocals
Luyanda Madope – piano
Thembinkosi Mavimbela – bass
Lungile Kunene – drums
Titi Luzipo – vocals

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The Orbit Vinyl Sessions with DJ Rushmo
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SA Jazz)

Friday 29th September 2017 – 22 h 30 – R 50

Let’s tip our hats to the beautiful heritage month that’s been with The Orbit Vinyl Sessions on Friday, 29 September.

As always, the party kicks off at 22h30, and this time around sound guru DJ Rushmo is back.

Born Bhekumuzi Siphosami Nzimande in the late 70s in Soweto, DJ Rushmo, has been a record collector since the late 90s. He is a self-proclaimed traditional African music historian, protector & preserver.

Rushmo is also a producer, and has traveled internationally as a sound engineer with some of the most recognised and influential musicians in the South African music industry. His eclectic taste allows him to take you through a sensory journey and awakening.

If it’s hip, he plays it.

Come over for a night of nostalgia at 22h30 on Friday, 29 September at The Orbit. Before DJ Rushmo we remember the great Victor Ntoni with Dumza Maswana from 20h30. Guests from the Remembering Victor Ntoni performance will get free entrance to the vinyl sessions.

Dumza Maswana: Remembering Victor Ntoni – Upstairs – 20h30 – R 150:
Dumza Maswana – vocals
Luyanda Madope – piano
Thembinkosi Mavimbela – bass
Lungile Kunene – drums
Titi Luzipo – vocals

The Orbit Vinyl Sessions – Downstairs – 22h30 – R 50:
DJ Rushmo

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Feya Faku Spirit Unit: Destination Unknown
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SA Jazz followed by Jam Session)

Saturday 30th September 2017 – 21 h 00 – R 150

The trumpet legend describes his approach to music as preparing in a way that gives space to the music to play itself.

As he brings the Spirit Unit, the idea behind this particular band is to explore a different sound, as opposed to the saxophone/ trumpet quintet. To this end, in some parts, the band will be broken up to make space for duets and solo performances within the unit.This dream unit is made up of astonishingly versatile musicians who have all worked with Faku and many other jazz legends in South Africa and across the world.

After the show, a jam session will kick off under the leadership of Faku.

Feya Faku – trumpet
Bokani Dyer – piano
Shane Cooper – bass
Kesivan Naidoo – drums
Keenan Ahrends – guitar

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