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Johnny Cradle: Township Proud & Black
Live at The Orbit!

Tuesday 25th September – 20h 00 – R 120

Johnny Cradle is back at The Orbit, this being their second show

TOWNSHIP PROUD & BLACK. A narrative that speaks of their truths of being born & raised elokshini, where there’s a constant legacy of the government taking advantage of the disadvantaged by making promises, and never coming back to see them through. We are saying thina siya zenzela instead of asking for handouts, we are putting on our GUMBOOTS and matching to get ours.

Sinje because we are tired of complaining and we know that we are all that we’ve got. We are proud to have overcame this system that is setup to make us fail, we say KEEP IT UP to those who are on their path of overcoming it.

This is a plea to every black kid out there who is yet to experience these hardships, uhlal’ube uready for indlela yakho, because there will be a time when you will receive bad news and experience heartbreaks again & again. This is a celebration of being Township Proud & Black.

Lazola Ndamase – DJ, turntables & gadgets
Sakumzi Qumana – vocals, keyboards, guitar & bass guitar
Tebogo J Mosane – vocals & drums

New York Round Midnight Orchestra 
Live at The Orbit!
Contemporary HOL Jazz

Wednesday 26th September 2018 – 20 h 00 – R 160

The Round Midnight Orchestra is currently one of the hottest jazz bands in the Netherlands. They form the basis of a theatre show in which you will experience the exciting nightlife in the renowned clubs around Broadway, in New York. This illuminating concert program will transport you to a jazz club scene, where the murmur and buzz of the crowd dies down as the musicians appear on stage, and, through their music, they slowly pull you into their world of compelling stories of love, desire, joy, and despair. Enjoy some hard-swinging jazz classics and meet the historical jazz figures who brought it into being.

Eight musicians – with a rhythm section, horns, and vocalists – from the cream of the Dutch jazz scene will not only take you back to the heyday of jazz in the 50’s and 60’s but they will also let you feel how vivid and relevant this music is today.

Izaline Calister is the vocalist in the Round Midnight Orchestra. Izaline Calister (Curaçao, 1969), Edison Award winner in 2009, has built an impressive track record in the past 12 years. With her charming style she gathered a loyal group of fans worldwide. Sometimes modest, then exciting again, Izaline possesses the exceptional gift that makes all the difference for a soloist, as she sings in her mother tongue, Papiamentu, with feeling and grace. She has this ability to remain true to her roots and successfully reach out and conquer audiences around the world singing in an unfamiliar language, while seamlessly melding the pulsating rhythms of Afro-Antilles music with Jazz.

From artful swing of Count Basie _ Verve Records and Frank Sinatra, the demure vulnerability of Billie Holiday and Miles Davis, the rousing bop of Art Blakey – Blue Note Records & The Jazz Messengers, to the sophisticated improvisations of Oscar Peterson and Dave Brubeck; it will be a feast of recognition for some, and for others, an enthusiastic introduction – or reintroduction- to a ever-present genre of music which has always been embraced, and celebrated. The theatre show played over 130 concert in the last 4 years in the Dutch theatres alone and is seen on many prominent international jazz festival stages.

In the band play the famous brothers Marius Beets, Alexander Beets and Peter Beets. As Beets Brothers they played over 3000 concerts worldwide. They were name ‘A world class jazz act’ by the downbeat and have done concerts all over the world. Peter Beets is named by critics one of the top five pianists worldwide.

Izaline Calister: Vocals
Peter Beets: Piano
Tom Ridderbeekx: Trumpet
Rolf Delfos: Altosax
Ben van den Dungen: Tenorsax
Alexander Beets: Tenorsax
Marius Beets: Double Bass
Wouter Kuhne: Drums

Ernie Smith Presents “Closer” 
Live at The Orbit!
Contemporary MOZ/SA Jazz

Thursday 27th September – 20h 30 – R 150


“My musical journey has been an amazing translation of my life stories,” Ernie Smith 2016

Ernie Smith has become synonymous with fine craftsmanship of quality contemporary jazz, afro-pop, afro groove and a whole lot of urban. He is possessed with the rare talent of appealing to music lovers from a wide spectrum of tastes and his unflappable work ethic has seen him remain at the top of his game for more than 15 years.

With a wealth of new material, Ernie released his brand new album ‘ Closer ‘ in October 2016 not only to South African fans, but also to the American public through his recent US signing to SAIG Entertainment in New Orleans. Ernest Kelly, owner of SAIG and a well-known name in the American jazz music scene has this to say, “Ernie brings a unique sound to a World audience looking for something new and inspiring. His sophisticated African infused contemporary style has already been warmly welcomed by many American fans.”

The best news is that Ernie will be supporting the US release of the album with a festival tour planned for 2017.

Propelled by the sound of mentors like Salif Keita, Jonathan Butler, George Benson, Moses Taiwa Molelekwa and many others, coupled with his ambition to express and attract the young and old to listen to thoughtful music, Ernie has developed a style of playing and singing that is a seamless integration of jazz, African and R &B.

Andile Yenana Presents: The Vanguard Sessions   
Live at The Orbit!
Contemporary SA Jazz 

Friday 28th September – 20h 30 – R 160

The Vanguard Sessions with Yenana Andile celebrates our lives in music.

Andile Yenana – piano
Sydney Mnisi – saxophones
Siya Charles – trombone
Herbie Tsoaeli – double bass
Tumi Mogorosi – drums

Andile Yenana Presents: The Vanguard Sessions   
Live at The Orbit!
Contemporary SA Jazz 

Saturday 29th September – 20h 30 – R 160

The Vanguard Sessions with Yenana Andile celebrates our lives in music.

Andile Yenana – piano
Sydney Mnisi – saxophones
Siya Charles – trombone
Herbie Tsoaeli – double bass
Tumi Mogorosi – drums

Live at The Orbit
Contemporary SA Jazz

Sunday 30th September – 16h00 – R100

Avataar is a Toronto-based World-jazz group, led by multiple JUNO (Canadian GRAMMY)-nominated jazz saxophonist, vocalist and composer Sundar Viswanathan. The music marries Indian Classical music, hardbop jazz, rock, Brazilian lyricism, electronica, atmospheric textures and ambiance, Javanese gamelan, and contemporary improvisation. The resulting confluence is a mesmerizing blend of rhythmic hypnotism, sonic landscapes and soaring melody that marries ancient and modern musical sounds. Avataar includes Suba Sankaran (voice), Ravi Naimpally (tabla), Michael Occhipinti (guitar), George Koller (bass) and Max Senitt(drums). The group has appeared at the Markham Jazz Festival, Small World Centre, the Sudbury Jazz Festival, the Brampton Jazz Festival, the Lula Lounge, the Trane, The Jazz Room, and several other venues and represents a cross-section of some of Canada’s finest World, Jazz and Pop artists

“Imagine John Coltrane and Keith Jarrett taking in the night atmosphere of an open-air market in New Delhi while the sounds and smells of the earth and sky filter in…”

‘Petal’ is Avataar’s award-winning debut release; the innovative original music draws from jazz, world, ambient and groove influences. Cleverly layered and cinematic in scope, the music drives and swirls through a vast sonic palette. The album is questing in nature – the concepts of impermanence and universal consciousness feature in many of the compositions, as do first-rate musical interpretations and improvisations by the band’s members.

“This is fusion in the best sense of the word. Whether the group is expressing ecstasy, transcendence or tranquility, there’s never a dull moment…Avataar brings a much -needed message of borderlessness.” JAZZIZ

“Petal (ephemerata) invokes the spirit of universal harmony to conclude what is a mixed bag of stellar compositions executed by surging talent.” DOWNBEAT

Musicians: Sundar Viswanathan: alto/soprano sax, flute
Suba Sankaran: voice
George Koller: bass
Michael Occhipinti: guitar
Max Senitt: drums
Ravi Naimpally: tabla

Jam Session Led by Luyanda Madope Quartet
Live at The Orbit
Contemporary SA Jazz

Sunday 30th September – 17h30 – R50