The Muffinz: A Different Offering
Live at The Orbit

Tuesday 17th October 2017 – 20 h 30 – R 130

The Muffinz will be back at The Orbit, in Braamfontein!

Though The Muffinz subscribe more to soul, the band’s music encompasses the qualities of free expression and progressive musicality as was imagined by jazz artists.

Tuesday’s performance will include some favourite songs from The Muffinz’s two albums and a selection of reinvented undercovered South African classics across genres from, Stimela to Brown Dash to the soul of songstress Thandiswa Mazwai.

Keke – drums
Mtha – acoustic guitar
Geoffrey – bass
Simz – electric guitar
Sifiso – electric guitar

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Lindi Ngonelo Quintet
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SA Jazz)

Wednesday 18th October 2017 – 20 h 00 – R 120

The Lindi Ngonelo Quintet promises a special night to create beautiful memories.

A product of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Lindi boasts many years of performance as pianist for household names such as Tu Nokwe, Swazi Dlamini, Brenda Mntambo, Nomsa Mazwai, to name but a few.

Lindi has earned the respect of many a jazz great, and is fast approaching a time when she might rightfully boast: “name any big name, I’ve probably jammed with ’em!”

However, the ever graceful Lindi is not one to stand in the way of good music by making too many claims. You’d be forgiven if, after watching Lindi Ngonelo in action, you thought that playing the piano is easy – she truly makes it look effortless in her graceful, signature demeanour.

This performance is certainly not one to be missed.

Lindi Ngonelo – piano
Sphelelo Mazibuko – drums
Thembinkosi Mavimbela – bass
Moxlisi Mdlalose – tenor sax
Siyanda Zulu – trumpet

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Felabration: Celebrating Twenty Years of Fela Kuti’s Legacy
Live at The Orbit!
(Tribute To Fela Kuti by Femi Koya’s Afrobeat Band)

Thursday 19th October 2017 – 20 h 30 – R 130

Felabration: Afrobeat Shrine arrives at The Orbit!

Twenty years ago the whole world came together and celebrated the life and passing of the African Prophet Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the king of Afrobeat, whose legacy lives on.

We celebrate two decades of Fela Kuti’s passing with his underground spiritual music, Afrobeat.

Femi Koya’s Afrobeat Band invites everyone to join a special tribute to the Afrobeat King on 19 October 2017 which will feature Fela’s classics like Zombie, Shakara, Palava, Army Arrangement, Kolomentality, Teacher, Yellow Fever, Sorry Tears and Blood, Lady, Water, and many more.

It promises to be a bang with Femi Koya’s ferocious nine piece Afrobeat band bringing down the house in the name of Fela Kuti.

Femi Koya – tenor sax
Felix Arimoro – flugelhorn
Peter Shishe – trumpet
Peter Daniyan – trombone

Maxwell Baloyi – keys & piano
Gali Ngoveni – bass
Karo Ndoite – guitar
Seun Adibari – drums
Segun Oyedele – talking drums

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Thandi Ntuli presents “Ndiza”
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SA Jazz)

Friday 20th October 2017 – 20 h 30 – R 150

Photo: Gregory Franz

“One of the fondest memories I have as a little girl, is of my older brother interrupting me when I was practicing with one of two requests. He would either ask me to play “The Russian Piece”, one of the classical pieces he’d heard me practicing by a Russian composer (I forgot who it was) that he loved. The other was a bit of a game we used to play which in hindsight I think could have contributed to sparking my interest in improvisation and composition. He would give me a word and ask me to respond with what that word triggered in my mind. “Bird!” he’d say, and I would respond with a sonic interpretation of that word. “Water!” , “Wind!” and on and on it would go. That really opened me up to the magical world of my imagination and how I could use the keys on the piano the same way a painter uses his/her brush.” – Thandi Ntuli

“Ndiza” in isiZulu means “fly” – a powerful image for Ntuli, who has touched on themes of duality, exile, newness, and freedom in some of the work for her sophomore album due to be released in this November.

“Ndiza is not only representative of one of my most compelling pursuits in life, but it’s also a journey back to ‘where it all began’… alone…just me, a piano and the source of all the music,” says Ntuli.

Thandi Ntuli – piano

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The Orbit Vinyl Sessions with Mxolisi Makhubo 
Live at The Orbit!
(Vinyl DJ)

Friday 20th October 2017 – 22 h 30 – R 50

As the days get sweeter, it’s getting more and more difficult to focus on work, but a good old get down at The Orbit Vinyl Sessions is always a great idea.

We’re back with the one and only Mxolisi Makhubo this Friday, 20 October and it promises to be one hell of a party.

Mxolisi Makhubo is a Joburg-based architect who moonlights as a vinyl-only deejay. His deejay approach is built around what he calls the ’folding of time’, which he conceptualises as a sonic mash-up of music, old and new, into a singular danceable hybrid. Although Mxolisi’s musical foundations are as a deejay for the hip-hop group, The Pharaoh Express, his musical palette has broadened to include all music that sits on inspiration palette of hip-hop: this ranges from jazz to electronic dance music and is guided by its danceability rather than genre.

Mxolisi has shared the stage with The Blue Notes Tribute Orkestra, Cold Cut(UK), Matsuli Music (UK), and Kid Fonque. He runs a music blog called “Familiar Favourite” which archives stories about musical practitioners and their role in the production of urban culture.

Join us on Friday, 20 October in celebrating Thandi Ntuli and the imminent release of her sophomore album as she presents “Ndiza” upstairs at 20h30, and then get down to a set by Mxolisi Makhubo from 22h30. Guests from the Thandi Ntuli presents “Ndiza” performance will get free entrance to the vinyl sessions.

Thandi Ntuli presents “Ndiza” – Upstairs – 20h30 – R 150:
Thandi Ntuli – piano

The Orbit Vinyl Sessions – Downstairs – 22h30 – R 50:
Mxolisi Makhubo

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Bombshelter Beast
Live at The Orbit!
(Afrobalkan Skadubhall)

 Saturday 21st October 2017 – 20 h 00 – R 130

Fat Tuesday decided to become Fat Saturday…
It also called up our old funky mate DJ BOB to make itself even fatter!

Dance of the Chicken will be there selling like hotcakes (what even is a hotcake ??)
This one is going to be a partay! New sneakers, order them now!

One satisfied author from PE once said: “Proper awesome! The amazing Bomshelter Beast band is like Gogol Bordello playing soccer with Brenda Fassie during a kwaito apocalypse.”

This is a band like no other – think Black Cat White Cat meets Brenda Fassie, add an opera singer, a polish refugee, a Manchester-born kwaito star, and SA’s most astute linguist, and you have half the picture. The other half best be experienced live. It’s a genre-busting music collective second to none, comprising some of South Africa’s most colourful and innovative musicians – a lineup of instrumentalists that charm their audiences across the board. It represents a unique approach to the South African sound – where you will experience a Jozi-mixed grill of old-school Kwaito and House, Drum n Bass, Dancehall, Dub, Ska, Balkan, Boeremusiek, Hip Hop, Ghoema, Rock, and the odd sneaky bit of Jazz – all peppered with badass rapping & live improvisations. The musical map is well worn out by this tuneful family & genres are blended together in a fresh, original sound that is best served hot.

Dionne – voice
Pule – voice
Mihi Matshingana – voice
Alex Hitzeroth – sousaphone
Romy Brauteseth – bass
Sisonke Xonti – saxes/clarinet/flute
Janus VD Merwe – saxes/bass clarinet
Marcus Wyatt – trumpet/vuvuzela
Justin Sasman – trombone/vuvuzela
Etienne Mecloen – trombone
Mike Bester – guitars
Justin Badenhorst – drums
DJ Bob

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Window Sessions
Live at The Orbit!
(Contemporary SA Jazz)

Sunday 22nd October 2017 – 17 h 00 – Free

This is our only Window Session for the month, so come one, come all!

We’re jamming with the music family again at the Window Sessions hosted by Banda Banda. We kick things off at 17h00 on the dot.

Music, Food, Wine & Fire! A relaxed environment featuring different musicians every week with many coming to join this jam session… So bring your instrument, your voice or just come and relax.

Entrance for all is totally free.

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